Roles at the Table

As a cooperative game, Pathfinder allows each person to contribute in more ways than one. At the table, the game runs more smoothly when each person helps out.



The mapper is a classic job within the game, but takes on special importance in Shattered Star. The mapper is responsible for building the graph paper map that the party will use when reporting back to the Pathfinder society. This job straddles out of game and in game. It should be done by someone who enjoys it, as it’s a somewhat time consuming job.

Table mapper

This job is fairly easy. The table mapper is responsible for clearing the map when the map changes. They also place the colored identification tokens on the enemy, and other sundry miniature related tasks.

The Caller

The caller used to be the lone spokesman for the table, now the caller is responsible for handling group rolls. The caller determines who is the lead, gets their roll and adds in any successful “aid” rolls. This job should most likely go to a social character’s player, as they will often be the lead.

Quartermaster and Secretary

This person records treasure, favors, open leads, etc. for the party. It can be tedious, unless organization is your thing (and you like spreadsheets).

Roles at the Table

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