The wild frontier.

Comprised of independent city-states, rural towns & villages, uncharted wilderness & ancient ruins. It is a land full of mystery and danger.

A half-decade ago, the relative peace of the region was threatened as a variety of strange & dangerous events took place. It all seemed to start with a bitter girl’s vengeful plan to wipe the small town of Sandpoint off the map. Epic events followed.

The giants of the Storval Plateau were rallied to threaten the city of Magnimar and its holdings. This led to the discovery of ancient Thassilonian secrets, and a brave band of Warren, Pen, Miro, and Þun barely stopping the return of Karzoug, Runelord of Greed.

The king of Korvosa died, slain by his young wife, unknown to anyone else. The mad queen Ileosa Arabasti then proceeded to grind Korvosa under her heel, unleashing death & terror upon the populace. She consorted with infernal powers, and uncovered ancient magic that she used in an attempt to achieve godhood. Fortunately, a band of heroes rose up from the masses & put an end to her mad scheme.

In Riddleport, a star fell from the sky, striking an island off the coast. Before it was all said & done, there was murder & mayhem and a mad rush to find rare & precious skymetal. These events gave rise to stories of evil elves with skin as black as obsidian. Some believe these stories, others dismiss them as fanciful tales.

Since these events, Varisia has become relatively peaceful once again. But the secrets of ancient Thassilon are coming to the surface once more, & the Pathfinder Society wants to know these secrets before anymore terror can be unleashed on the land yet again.


Shattered Star

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